Wearing a Custom Hair System | Tupelo Hair Loss Specialist Q&A

Wearing a Custom Hair System

female hair loss treatment for scarring alopecia mississippiI’m sure most of you can relate to admiring someone else’s hair and wishing you could have locks like theirs. The good news is you can with custom non-surgical hair replacement systems. It could be that some of those people who you have been admiring their hair could be wearing custom hair replacement system. One of the many details that makes a men’s non-surgical hair replacement system undetectable is the hairline. The natural look is just like you would see on someone with naturally growing hair. This natural hair line is possible because of the technology used today.

Men and women in the Tupelo, Mississippi area who are dealing with hair loss and thinning hair can receive a nearly perfect hair loss solution with custom hair replacement systems that others can’t detect is not your own real hair.

Hair Replacement Systems for Men and Women

Often hair loss that men and women suffer is due to genetic and hormonal factors. For many men, they find it difficult to just accept their hair loss and at first try to hide it. They spend a lot of time in front of a mirror trying to restyle their hair in such a way that their thinning hair is minimized. Over time this no longer become a viable solution. Studies show that hair loss is linked for many to lower self-esteem which is why it is important to find the right hair system for you.

Our Tupelo custom hairpieces for women give you a tailer-made system that’s exclusively built for you. Your scalp and amount of hair loss is different from everyone else. This is the reason nothing comes off the shelf. Time is spent choosing the right color, hair density, wave, and style of your hair so your hair system fits perfectly and give the most natural appearance possible.

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If you are looking for a non-surgical hair loss solution in the Tupelo, Mississippi area, then custom hair systems are a great option. They allow you to restore your hair in a timely fashion with results that often amaze the individual getting the hair system. Once they see themselves with hair again, it can feel life changing. Because every detail from the base to the hair density and hair color and texture are all taken into consideration men and women while their hair loss pattern is often different the end result is nothing short of amazing.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hair Replacement Systems:

Q: Can I decide on the length of my hair?
A: Yes, this will be discussed in your hair loss consultation.
Q: If I choose a hair style that is curly, can I straighten my hair system?
A: Yes, the hair can be straightened, however you must use a protecting spray which we recommend for anyone using straighteners on real hair.
Q: Is the hair you use human hair?
A: While synthetic and human hair can be used, human hair gives you the best natural look. It we will ensure the closest match possible to your own hair, for example European hair, Asian hair or Chinese hair.
Q: Will I be with people who do not suffer from hair loss?
A: No, everybody at North Mississippi is seen in a private room.