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The Truth About Laser Hair Therapy

Female Hair Loss Restoration - Tupelo, MississippiLaser hair therapy is a relatively new treatment option for both men and women who suffer from the destructive effects of hair loss. However, like many other new technologies, laser therapy is often misunderstood, leading many to spread false information. Information is published and spread quicker than ever in today’s increasingly digital world with misinformation spreading after just a few keystrokes. Ultimately, this makes it difficult for hair loss sufferers to access important information.

This post covers just a few of the most pervasive myths surrounding laser hair therapy. Get the truth about the common misconceptions below, and post your own questions about laser therapy in the comment section of this article.

Laser Hair Therapy Only Works For Women

One of the oddest misconceptions about laser hair therapy is that it is exclusively for women. While it is true that women might have limited hair restoration options due to the fact that female hair loss occurs in a dispersed fashion that is often difficult to treat with surgery, men are equally good candidates for laser hair therapy.

Treatment Causes Burning Or Discomfort

If you’ve heard that laser hair therapy causes pain or a burning sensation, you can rest assured that this is completely false. The vast majority of laser hair therapy patients feel little to nothing while receiving their treatment as the “cold” lasers used are tuned to a specific wavelength and power which provides the beneficial effect and nothing more.

The amount of power that is emitted is roughly equivalent to a laser pointer– a traditional light bulb emits more power than the diodes in our lasers.

While there are more powerful lasers that use high power light beams in the medical community, the lasers used in Low Level Laser Light Therapy are nowhere near that abrasive.  Any warmth that a patient feels is usually the result of blood flow and cellular activity.

In fact, with the devices we use, the most you can expect to feel is a slight tingling feeling during your treatment. Remember – the lasers used in hair therapy are not the same as the lasers used for laser hair removal!

Laser Hair Therapy Isn’t Safe

Many of the misconceptions surrounding laser hair therapy are related to the use of the word ‘laser’. The very word can conjure up images of sci-fi headsets burning heads with laser weapons; yet, the reality stands in stark contrast, so let’s put your mind at rest by explaining exactly how safe laser hair therapy is.

The treatment incorporates a non-surgical therapeutic laser. It is the most powerful type of laser that is safe to use in cosmetic procedures.

In America, the FDA has also stated that the laser light used in laser light hair treatments, such as those offered by North Mississippi Hair Loss Solutions, comply with the United States FDA CDRH safety regulations section 21 for cosmetic use United States as a certified class 11A cosmetic laser.

Therefore, you can rest assured that all relevant official bodies are confident laser light hair therapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure.

Laser Hair Therapy Only Works for Blonde Hair

You may have heard or read that laser hair therapy only works with lighter shades of hair. This myth is believed to have started due to a very old study which limited the shades of hair listed in the results as there wasn’t enough diversity in the group of hair loss patients being studied. Whether your hair is light or dark, if low-level laser therapy is indicated as a beneficial treatment by your physician, then it’s one worth exploring.

Laser Hair Therapy is a Miracle Cure for Hair Loss

While we wish that we held the cure for hair loss, this is another unfortunate myth that has been circulated for several years. Any hair restoration studio that makes the promise of guaranteeing hair regrowth should be avoided.

It’s true that laser hair treatments can provide fantastic results, but it doesn’t work for everyone, which is why it’s important to consult with an ethical, friendly, and professional hair loss expert before you spend money on the treatments.

You will not grow your hair back if you are completely bald, though there have been some companies and website that have told people otherwise. This only does a disservice to the laser hair therapy industry, as it distorts expectations, leading to negative reviews.

Laser hair therapy is not a cure-all for every person, but it is highly effective in treating thin, fine hair in both men and women. Our Laser Hair Loss Treatment Therapy has been highly effective in treating those with thinning hair.

An Evaluation By A Trained Hair Loss Professional Is Essential

If you’re concerned and ridden with angst over hair loss, it’s crucial that you get evaluated in-person by a trained hair loss professional as laser hair loss treatment programs are only effective if you have enough living hair follicles.

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