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More Mississippi Men Turning to Hair Transplant Surgery

With continuous advances being made in all fields of medicine, hair transplantation is no exception. As a result, more and more men are turning to hair transplant surgery to address issues of male pattern baldness caused by androgenetic alopecia and the related effects of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone and it’s contribution to men’s hair loss. In fact, hair transplantation has now become one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures among men. Three reasons why this may be so include:

Vast Improvements Hair Transplant Surgical Technology

Hair Transplants - North MisssissippiHair Transplant Surgery is progressed by leaps and bounds in just the last few years alone. Old fashioned, pluggy, “toy doll” are a thing of the past. With the most advanced FUE follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedures now available, today’s modern hair transplant surgery techniques leave no unsightly visible scarring in the donor area, and yield remarkable, aesthetically natural hair transplant results with tremendous patient acceptance and satisfaction in their results. And with today’s Advance hair transplant technology giving hair transplant surgeons the ability to transplant hair with unparalleled accuracy, same-day outpatient hair transplant recovery time is minimal, with post-operative recovery time as little as 48 hours.

Permanent Hair Restoration with My Own Growing Hair

The results of today’s hair transplant procedures, whether performed by manually or with the assistance of hair transplant technology, are permanent. After your hair transplant procedure, your newly transplanted hair will start to grow after about three to fur months, and in about 14 months will have achieved its final density and fullness. And with advanced FUE hair transplant technology, there is no visible scar, so you can wear your hair in any style you want, including very short “high and tight” modern hair styles.

With respect to hair transplant results, manually performed hair transplants typically have a transection rate of 5% up to 20%, depending upon the skill of the individual surgeon. Transection occurs when the hair bulb is permanently damaged during extraction, and therefore is rendered unsuitable for successful transplantation. However, with the advanced FUE transplant procedure, transection rates below 3% are typically achieved, with up to 97% of hair follicles being successfully transplanted. North Mississippi hair transplant surgeons routinely achieve a transection rate below 3%.

With FUE hair transplant technology, there is also the added benefit that it helps the hair transplant surgeon determine the direction of hair growth much more accurately, thereby yielding a much more aesthetically pleasing and natural hair transplant result.

Enhanced Self-Image and Self-Esteem

For the average hair transplant recipient, restoring a full head of great looking hair directly affects their self-image and by turn their self-confidence. How we see ourselves helps us judge how we feel that others see us. This translates directly to our professional lives, our personal lives, and our overall mental well-being. Is it any wonder more and more men who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair are looking for the best hair transplants and life have to offer?

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