Four Reasons England’s Princes Are Going Bald

genetic pattern baldness in menOver the years, it has become quite noticeable that Prince William and Prince Harry are becoming bald. Although baldness can often make young gentlemen look older than they really are, knowing what causes premature balding can help them feel more comfortable with the situation. If it’s not a chronic condition, it may even help them learn how to treat it. The following guide provides a few reasons why Prince Harry and Prince William may be losing their hair.

Genetics plays a huge role when it comes to male pattern baldness. When a father has male pattern baldness, the likelihood of their child having it is very high. Inheriting the genes that lead to premature balding can make it very difficult for someone to keep a full head of hair throughout their life. Most men who suffer from male pattern baldness start losing their hair in their early twenties and often have very noticeable loss before they turn 30.

Stress can lead to temporary hair loss. There are some people who inadvertently rub, twist or pull their hair excessively when they are stressed. Stress can often cause hormonal changes that can cause hair to fall out. It’s best to limit stress as much as possible to prevent hair loss. Yoga, meditation and regular exercise have all been shown to be great ways to reduce stress.

Other Factors Affecting Hair Loss in Men

Sudden changes in diet can overwhelm the system and cause someone to lose their hair. A deficiency in iron can also be a contributing factor when it comes to thinning hair. It’s important to eat foods rich in iron if someone wants to minimize his or her hair loss.

Hair loss can also be a sign of an underlying illness. Alopecia areata is a condition that causes the hair to fall out slowly over time. It does not lead to permanent hair loss though. The hair will grow back eventually. However, scarring alopecia is a different condition altogether. This condition causes hair follicles to actually die and then fall out. Scarred tissue is left behind, and hair will never grow in that area again.

When someone starts to lose their hair, it’s best to visit the doctor or a hair loss specialist right away. Tests and an analysis can be done to determine what is causing the hair loss and potential solutions can be determined to minimize the hair that is lost. At North Mississippi Hair Loss Solutions, our professional hair loss specialists understand the importance of quality and comfort you look for from people you can trust. To schedule a free, private hair loss consultation with one of our professional consultants, CLICK HERE.